Hi-Tech Education With E-Sense

Our students have got the opportunity to make a step with the world. They are learning their topics with e-sense Technology.

Professional Teachers

Top quality education professionals and teachers are the key to our success, the Saint Gargi faculty members are all experienced in their own fields.

SMS System

System to provide every detail of students to the parents like present like present/Absent report, Test marks general instruction and many more.

RO Water System

Health is wealth so we are always aware of the health of the students and as a part of it we have set up RO plant water drinking system for the students.

Welcome to Saint Gargy Vidhya Sankul

Saint Gargi School established in 1975. We at Saint Gargi School, sincerely believe in contributing our best in whatever we do,so as to surpass our own benchmarks and create an enviable position for ourselves and make our presence felt.We believe in imparting quality education replete with visual concepts and practical solutions in stress free and burden less environment.

Our goal is to develop in our students moral principles that result in a life of obedient response to God and His creation. We believe that a moral education is the essential base for students, and that all subjects should be taught from a world and life view which recognizes the sovereignty of God in every sphere of life and learning. Consequently, teachers in all areas will be helping their students see the spiritual dimension of their subject and the practical consequences of moral principles and faith.

The goal set by the Management of Saint Gargi School was to provide quality and global education which was affordable to all the sectors of the society. It played the role of a true intermediary by actively spreading the message of superior syllabi and value based learning of the System to aspiring youngsters, through its understanding of practical life.

Apart from the state-of-the-art infrastructure and educational facilities, the Saint Gargi faculty members are all experienced in their own fields. Located at Raiya Road, the school provides a good balance between academic and extracurricular activities. The school has been founded with a strong commitment to recruiting and partnering with only the most qualified, experienced and dedicated of faculty to ensure that each and every one of our students receives the highest standards of academic support in their pursuit of the demanding age.

Principal Message

We live in a fast world. Although, the parents stay with their children yet they do not have sufficient time to inculcate the right values and life skills in their children. So we all are expected to give more of emotional, moral & life skill promoting lessons to our beloved students. Education is not just about academics. It is also about developing the mental & moral understanding of children so that they can get along with their family, friends and surroundings. The school being �The Temple of Knowledge and Learning� should play a major role in moulding the overall personality of children during the formative years.

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